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i need help on my diet ?

ok so i started a diet bout 3 weeks ago eating super healthy and working out and its going good.(im 16 and overweight)haven't had soda or red meat or fried stuff for 3weeks and keeping it up.i eat 3 … [ Read More ]

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What Is The Best Tasting Light Chunky Blue Cheese Salad Dressing?

Ive heard alot about ken’s lite chunky blue cheese and maries lite chunky blue cheese, ive used light house lite in the past and thougt it was just ok. im looking for one thats rich and thick without being to “soupy” bitter or too sweet. I would apprecaite any suggestions, i hate wasting money on […]

What is the address of Minerva Dairy Inc in Minerva, OH?

Minerva Dairy Inc is a cheese shop located in the city of Minerva, the address is 430 Radloff Avenue and the phone number is (330) 868-4196 Have you been to Minerva Dairy Inc? If so, please leave a comment about the cheese selection and other items sold by the store. Also, if you know of […]

Teenager with a 33 inch waist?!?!?!?

Although this is long, please know that by reading and answering, youre helping out a teenager going through an abnormal diet crisis… My waist is 33 inches!! Its enormous. People call me skinny but thats because I suck it in. The rest of my body is fairly slim ish. My calves are small but my […]